MacBook Pro 15″ – 2 Year Review

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Today I am posting two Apple product reviews. The first one is the Apple Watch 5 after one year. That is a very positive review. This one for the MacBook Pro 15″ is mixed. There is no doubt at all that my almost two year old MacBook Pro is a very good laptop, but with flaws.

My late 2018 computer has an i7 with six cores, 16 gb of ram, 512 gb of SSD, and is a 15″ version. I am very careful with my electronics and so this one has never been mistreated and is in pretty much like new condition. If I would not have had a late 2013 13″ MBP with an i5 2 cores, 8 gb of ram, 256 gb of SSD I would not be so hard on the newer one. I loved my first MBP. This one I like, most of the time.

  • Pros – Fast when it is not hot
  • Light
  • Very good screen
  • If you have all USB C accessories this computer has plenty of ports
  • Uses MacOS software which offers some very useful features over Windows. Like much much more resistant to unwanted stuff like privacy problems. The whole computer easily is encrypted so no one can read your files if they steal your computer unless they have a password. The latest Safari web browser blocks tracking efforts by pretty much everyone on the web. I have had as many as 50 blocked trackers from one web page blocked. MacOS also has built in back up so you can save copies of your files to a plug in drive for safe keeping. That said, the Windows file system is much easier to use than MacOS.
  • Cons – Gets hot easily. When it does noisy fans go on. This gets hot much more easily than my old MBP computer
  • Does not fit into my lap as easily as the 13″ did.
  • This only has USB C ports which is a pain in the ass. Yes they are much faster, but I have lots of things with older style USB A, and SD cards, and HDMI. This includes Apple’s own Thunderbolt Display which I have and I had to buy an expensive dongle to use it with this computer.
  • Keyboard not as good /comfortable to use as on older MBP.
  • No Mag Safe power connection, the World’s best like my old MBP
  • MacOS can be good or bad. One of the bad parts is recognizing drives. Or just downloading photos in general. When I plug in a camera that is not an iPhone most of the time the Mac does not see that at all. I have to open up photo software for the Mac to allow the photo files through. Or when I plug in my iPhone unless you know to dig into the applications folder and find and open the old Image Capture program getting image files off an iPhone can be hard. The same is true on some Android phones today too. Last year I bought a Pixel 3a as a spare phone and found it impossible to get full size photo files off of this phone. Impossible. I could get files off, but in tiny sizes. But in general I find Apple Mac OS to be very picky and hard to figure out compared to Windows.

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