Apple Watch 5 – One Year Review

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I started with a Moto 360 back 3-4 years ago.

Moto 360 Android Watch – I had the one on the right.

This to me is still the best looking smart watch. I had several bands with it and for the most part it did the things that I mostly use on my Apple Watch 5. Timer, telling time, seeing the date, seeing the day, alarms, making the music louder or softer. The Moto 360 also worked very well with Google maps. What it did not do is all the health and exercise features on the latest Apple watches.

I started off with the Apple Watch 1. It worked fine for me until I finally sold it and got the Apple Watch 5 a year ago. I mostly wore it all the time like my current Apple Watch 5.

A year ago I got the Apple Watch 5 and gave my old Watch 1 to my son. The best feature of the Watch 5 over the Watch 1 or the Moto 360 by far is always on. I also use some of the features for health and mental fitness like standing when it tells me to and breathing for settling your mental state. To me the Apple Watch 5 is a winner if you have an iPhone. On a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest I am going to give it a 4+. Why not a 5? My wife who is careful with things dropped hers and it could not be repaired. The glass broke and that was it. It could be better looking. The watch faces could be more elegant like the Moto 360. That said I like mine a lot.

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