Is RVing A Good Way To Travel In 2020?

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Yes it is. We just returned from a trip that went from San Diego to Ohio and back and enjoyed ourselves. We followed all the rules regarding the pandemic plus common sense precautions and did not catch it and we did not feel in danger. For the most part we stayed in KOA campgrounds and they used basically the same Covid 19 precautions at all of their campgrounds we stayed at. About half the time someone would come out to our coach when we came to check in and the paper work was done outside. The people that came to check us in always had masks on no matter which State we were in. The other half of the time we went inside the office or up to a window of the office and were met by a masked check in person. If we went inside I cannot remember a single place that did not have plexiglas that blocked more of the possibility of transmitting the virus.

This is the fourth time we have taken a similar trip back to Ohio and there was really not much change from past trips with no pandemic. We went to National, State, and other parks. Went to museums with art, airplanes, dinosaurs, and other interesting things. We also went to a number of beautiful gardens in St Louis, Indianapolis, Springfield IL, Cleveland OH, and a number of others. All were open and most required masks and social distancing. One great advantage of going during Covid was that none of these places was crowded.

Beautiful Botanical gardens in St Louis.

We also had the opportunity to see both the SAC aircraft museum outside Omaha and the gigantic Wright Patterson Air Force museum in Dayton Ohio.

The SAC museum near Omaha
The huge buildings of the Air Force museums in Dayton Ohio.

I loved going to both of these museums and spent hours in Wright Patterson.

What I would do differently if I had it to do over again. 1. I would spend more time like I have in the past looking for RV campgrounds that are not on big roads or have rail road tracks next to them as I have done on the last three trips. This is no knock on KOA as most of the parks we stayed in were great, but some were not where we would like to stay. We normally like quiet, parks that do not have you packed in right next to your neighbor. Some of the parks we stayed in did not feature these advantages.

2. I would also recommend that you try to avoid going through the midwest USA during the hottest time of the year. This year we had to, but in the past we either went earlier in the season or later.

One very positive aspect of using KOA is that their reservations are all on line and easy to use.

We travel / RV in a motor home. On our trip this year we mostly saw trailers and 5th wheels. This has changed in the last ten years. Back in 2010 there were more motorhomes. I think that so many people buy trucks today as their daily drivers that it is a lot cheaper to get a towable as you already have the truck. We still prefer traveling in a motor home, but how you travel is less important than just getting out there and seeing this great country of ours. This is especially a good time to RV as much of the World is not so easy to tour right now.

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