The Laguna Campground just north of Mt Laguna in east San Diego County is now open. For years I have camped here and parked here to hike and bike the various trails in this area. I thought the campground was closed due to Covid 19 but in fact it was closed for renovations.

When I was here a couple of days ago about half the campground was open and they are still working on improving the camp sites, roads, and other facilities.

To me the Laguna Mountain area is one of the most beautiful places that is close to San Diego where you can get fresh mountain air and a variety of scenery. I have volunteered for years at the adjoining State Park Rancho Cuyamaca and also like to go there. The Laguna Park was hardly touched by the 2003 and 2007 fires in this area and today in 2020 offers better mountain forest scenery than Cuyamaca. Yesterday it was still warm when I went, but soon all the deciduous trees will be in full color and then some snow maybe in December.

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