Simple – Does My MacBook Pro work better than My Two Windows Laptops?


Even though MicroSoft and Windows have greatly improved their OS system in the last few years if you need to get work done now, and do not want to wait the Mac is far, and I mean far superior.

I have used MicroSoft OS systems since Windows DOS and Windows 95.  I have used a Mac computer for just over five years.  When you turn on the MacBook it is ready to go very quickly with no problems, ever.  With Windows since W95 and even with my newest Windows 10 systems, the answer is, maybe.  If I use any of my two Windows computers or my wife’s two Windows computers every day and leave them on most of the day they are reliable and have few problems.  But if you don’t use your Windows computer every day and let it sit for a week, many times you are exposed to update “hell” for hours.  I have not used my newest Windows computer for a week.  I turned it on 4 1/2 hours ago to update my Lightroom backup.  Even though I used it a week ago and had everything up to date when I turned it off, it now has been futzing around for 4 1/2 hours doing, who knows what.  It still is not working past a crawl speed.  This is common when I don’t run either of the Windows boxes every day.

Many things work better on a Windows computer, but as far as going on and being ready to run fast, reliably, there is no comparison, Mac all the way.

Update 24 hours later.  I finally got Lightroom to open and run on my Windows computer.  It took about 5 hours from when I first turned it on.  Even this morning 24 hours later the thing is still posting updates.

Update 8 days later.  I have used my PC laptop most days since I first put out this post 8 days ago.  It is working far better than the first two days but still is posting updates almost every time I shut the computer down or restart.  So at this point I see no reason to change my original view.


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