We Bought A New Acura 2022 MDX

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Just two posts ago I extolled the great virtues of my 2008 Acura MDX that we have owned since new. A little over a week ago we bought a new one. We did not sell or trade in the older Acura. I bought a new one because it seems like the 2008 is a bit too old to go on longer trips in remote places. And that is something we intend to do over the next year. I had thought we would be flying to places overseas, but when I read the travel news I don’t think overseas travel is good yet. So a new MDX was an easy choice. We have had two MDXs now and both have been good. The 2022 in the time I have spent in it I can say that this is a very well made SUV and now a bit more luxury than sport.

The last car we added was a Tesla model Y last February. So why don’t we just drive this SUV on our travels. Likely we will drive the Tesla on some of our trips, but there are places we want to go where our Tesla is not really a good choice, mainly because of the range. Too stiff suspension, no spare tire, no sun/shade for the glass roof, and a few other things.

What do I like on the 2022?

  • Very comfortable ride that is adjustable. The new MDX has what I would call a luxury ride, but still handles quite well. This car does not wallow or roll much in the corners. The 2008 MDX has more of a sport suspension.
  • The MDX is a gas car and so you don’t have to search for charging stations when you get into more remote areas.
  • The MDX is more of a paved road car than an off road one, but still suitable to go on dirt roads that are lumpy and bumpy. To me the Acura is more sturdy built than the Tesla. However, if I was going off road I might prefer the older MDX. I think the new MDX is more comfortable at a country club than a 4 wheel drive trail. The 2008 MDX I have had off road a number of times on rough but not too rocky dirt roads.
  • The 2022 MDX has a full length sunroof like the Tesla, but the MDX sunroof has a built in motorized shade and the front half does open up for fresh air.
  • Both MDXs have spare tires. No spare on the model Y.
  • I thought the new MDX controls would be hard to learn as there are so many of them. But I have found that is not the case. The buttons instead of an older style transmission control is easy to get used to and is actually easier to use than the old stick. I like having lots of buttons that have direct control over car functions.
  • The new MDX has easy to control adaptive cruise control, lane centering similar to my Tesla model Y, plus when you back up it lets you know if someone is coming. It has lots of sensors to help you fit into tight spaces, somewhat similar to the Tesla, but in this case the Tesla is better. The MDX lets you know if someone is in your blind spot if you are going to change lanes.
  • The 2022 MDX has heated and cooled air – seats for drivers side and front passenger side.
  • Apple Car play works very easily on the MDX and the wireless charging pad is pretty easy to use.
  • Very nice seats and upholstery.

What don’t I like on the 2022 MDX

  • The steering is too light and easy to turn. It is quite similar to the model Y Tesla. I prefer the 2008 MDX to either of the newer cars.
  • Too many speeds in the transmission. In my opinion 6-8 speeds would have been better.
  • Motor is a bit too quiet. The 2008 MDX has it just right.
  • So far I have been unable to link the built in gate / garage opener to the older style gate at the bottom of our street. The Tesla has no such problem.

Some more positive comments about the 2022 MDX would be; Super All Wheel Drive Handling. This over speeds the outside wheels when going around a corner when needed. The 2008 had this too and it works even better on the new car. When I use the new one it just seems to glide around corners a bit faster than I expected easily. And the new car has double wishbone front suspension. Double wishbone is the gold standard of all higher end performance cars. Honda and Acura have used this type of suspension set up on several of their cars that I have owned. And the MDX adds super handling all wheel drive to it and the result is very good.

Conclusions. This is the third MDX we have owned. This new one is a new generation in this model line. In many ways it is an improvement. Where the 2008 was more of a sporty handling high end sport utility, the 2022 is much more of a luxury vehicle. It is bigger, smoother, quieter, and likely to be an excellent long distance traveler, which is exactly what I wanted. So what about electric or hybrid power and what about Tesla. Honda has long had hybrid cars and I would expect that the MDX with get one or both electric and hybrid. I would have considered a hybrid or electric car for this purchase if there was one to buy that I could afford and wanted. But there just isn’t. I had planned to look at the Tesla Cybertruck but they were supposed to be out by the end of this year and I figured I could get one by mid next year. The Cybertruck promised 500+ miles of range and so I thought I could give it a test drive in the first quarter of next year. But that is just not going to be possible. I also thought I could live with a model Y if a longer range model came out with about 450 miles. But who knows when that will happen. So for now this MDX fills the bill for what I want. I will post more after we take some trips in it.

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