Summer Motorhome Adventure day 1

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Well today we are finally off on the first long RV trip of the year. We had a 10 day trip back in January, but it has been a long dry spell since then. Last night I kept waking up wondering if the rig was working OK after months without use. It was a wasted worry as she worked great and we are now 200 miles away from home.

Photo shot with iPhone 11 Pro and edited in Apple Photos.

Our favorite restaurant in this area is closed except for take out. Bummer. So we had to defrost something and make a quick meal. Also, really hot here. The place we have stopped for the night was about 104 F when we arrived. Now at 9pm it has cooled off to about 85.

Also taken with an iPhone 11 Pro

Tomorrow we have to get up and take off early so we can cross the desert before the high heat of mid day hits. So that means we are out of our campground by 8am.

iPhone 11 Pro

The above photo has too much color added, but I am tired and lazy tonight so I just pushed it a bit.

When I get time I am going to back off the color a bit. This one above is not too bad, but too much color added.

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