iPhone 11 Pro Camera Improves With Software Upgrades

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All photos in this post were captured with my iPhone 11 Pro unless marked otherwise.


I bought an iPhone 11 Pro last fall soon after they came out because of the improvements in the camera system and because I wanted the smaller size compared with my iPhone XS Max.  And both of those reasons are working out well.  The smaller size certainly fits into my pants pockets better and the camera system is a big upgrade over the XS Max.  And that phone camera just keeps getting better.


I usually take lots of flower photos in the spring time.  Close ups with flowers are hard shots to get right.  Wind blows the flowers and they move around.  Usually there are no lines or corners for the auto focus system to grab ahold of.  Many times flowers are shiny and are much brighter than their surroundings making exposure tricky.  And often flower colors are so intense they over saturate digital sensors and blow out the color.


Film usually holds highlights better but when it is scanned then you are dealing with digital sensors.

Kodak Portra 160

The above shot was with Kodak Portra 160 film.  California poppies are very hard to capture.  They just blow sensors most of the time.  The above is a film shot and I was using a polarizing filter on top of that.  I took about ten of these shots and the film ones were the best.

Nikon Z7 & 50mm Nikon f1.8 ZS lens

The above shot was taken with my most detailed cameras and one of my sharpest lenses. The iPhone cannot do this.  The Nikon is a full frame sensor and the raw files are almost 50 mega pixels.  The iPhone is 25% of the size file and the iPhone sensor is a small fraction of the Nikon’s.

But for most pictures and video most of the time an iPhone 11 Pro is all you need.

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