For the past year or more I have written nearly countless posts about photo gear.  My opinion is – most cameras are sufficient to use to give good results.

My current gear that I use relatively frequently includes film cameras going back to the 1950’s and digital cameras from last year, plus a lovely iPhone 11 Pro.  All are sufficient.  Gear does matter in that you have to like using what you have to get the best results.  Past that your skill as a photographer or videographer makes a much bigger difference than if you have the latest camera.

Whenever I go to an art gallery I tend to read titles.  One of the reasons I love art galleries is to enjoy the insight of the artist to see their vision of their subject.  To me the title on the art work tells part of that story.  The image at the top of this page is improved by knowing what I thought this morning when I captured it.  “Spring is Coming In the Window”.  Every year when the weather starts to warm at our house I start opening the window over the kitchen sink.  It faces south and catches the morning sun.  When you see the title and if you look at it a while you might see the open window and see that I am letting in the “Spring” having it open.  I think adding a title is part of adding a little bit of themselves to add to the story of the image.  Without that it is an uninteresting photo.  In my opinion.

I use Adobe Lightroom and Apple Photos to edit and organize my still images.  I also use Apple Photos to organize my videos.  Both of those softwares allow easy adding a title, description, and key words.

Helicopter Taken With a Z50 Nikon 50-250 Kit Lens hand held
Helicopter Taken With Nikon Z50 and 50-250mm kit lens hand held

This photo is kind of a nice one but nothing special.  But when you read the title and know anything about the Nikon Z50 and its inexpensive kit lens this title makes it an interesting photo.

Prison Lace
Title – “Prison Lace” – description – Lace made by a male prisoner at the infamous Yuma Territorial Prison in the early 1900’s.

Without a title and description this is a nice photo of lace.  With the description it becomes much more.

Power Under Control
“Power Under Control”

Much of the attraction for me to the series of photos I captured at the Castle Rock Ghost Town in Arizona last month is the rich color and details of the aged wood and metal that the Nikon Z7 and 50mm ZS lens emphasized so well.  But the image also evoked a response in my mind that it represented power but under control.  The way that power almost always should be.

For me focus on gear is over for a while.  I am very happy with what I have and other than add a lens or two I expect no big changes soon.  But I do hope to improve my craft / art by becoming more transparent with my thoughts and not just throw out images.

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