Going On Vacation With Only an iPhone XS Max

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My wife and I recently went back to see her big family in Ohio.  We have done this many times but in the last ten years I have always taken a camera along with my phone.  The times that we either drove a car or our motorhome a number of cameras went with me.  So how did that work out?  OK.

Taken with iPhone XS max using the standard camera app set to auto smart HDR and in this case the standard photo format

The photos and a few videos came out fine.  All of the ones I rated 5 stars in LightRoom had people in them.  Sometimes I used portrait mode like the picture at the top of this post.  And sometimes I used the standard camera setting.  I took my MacBook Pro along with me and just used Apple Photos to edit.  When I got back home I put the files in LightRoom too and found (as usual) that LR was a much more capable software to edit with than Apple Photos.  The photos in this post are the ones after using LR.


Some of the landscape shots were pretty good like this one above.  The iPhone does a good job with white balance and color, but does add a tan tone to things when you use auto in their photos app.  You can get rid of this by using LR, but I did not for the shot above.  Would this shot have improved if I would have used my Sony A7iii and a good lens.  Yes, in my opinion.  There would have been more details and likely the clouds would have looked better.  But if you view this shot on a big screen using either on line methods or air play it is unlikely you will be able to see these differences.


This is a reasonably good woodland close up shot.  Colors are good.  Focus is good.  Details are OK.

Shot with A7iii 55mm f1.8
Shot with A7iii & adapted Minolta 100mm f2.8 macro

But there is no way you can get landscape shots like the two above with my iPhone XS max.  The high quality glass and precision focus gives a much better result.

iPhone XS Max

The above iPhone shot is as good as it gets.  The detail, lighting, color, and dynamic range are fantastic.  Look at the balance between the bright windows and faces that are inside the restaurant.

I think next time I will go back to taking my phone camera and a bigger one.


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